For as long as I can remember,

I have been passionate about metaphysics and the natural healing properties of the universe. Born into the culture of Afrikanah Surinam and Arawak Indian, my family have used holistic remedies for over centuries to heal each other. As society becomes more advance, humanity tends to disregard self-healing. I believe, we as people have the power to heal ourselves through spiritual guidance, intuitive art, and holistic remedies. Though I am not a doctor, research will validate the health benefits of my products. I truly believe in my products and services, and I chose to share them with only great intentions. Everything that I'm sharing have been my greatest remedies through life and I know they can be yours too. 

 Jubitana’s Apothecary and Holistic Creations™️ supports divergent thinking and creativity. 

The best therapy is spiritual therapy.