Dream Analysis                  $69.99


  • Enhances Intuitive Understanding
  • Reveal Hidden Messages
  • Improves Self Awareness

Native Americans believed that dreams are messages from sacred guides and spirits. Many other cultures believe that your dreams are your own intuitive sub-conscious speaking to your conscious-self. I believe that your dreams are a way for your higher energy to communicate to you. In order to get the best interpretation for your dreams you must keep a log next to your bedside. Record as much as you can remember.

Include the way you felt even if it doesn't make sense or match the dream, include random objects that appeared, include the things that do not make sense. Also include the things that make sense. Everything in your dream is key for an ultimate revealing of your dream.

Each dream interpretation is done with love and great intentions. I carefully analyze each dream requests. First, we will discuss your dream thoroughly. Keep in mind, some personal questions may be asked. Then, I will analyze your dream. E-mail me with any dream request at jubitana.apothecary.creations@gmail and put Dream Analysis in the subject line.